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Welcome to the fast-paced world of digital marketing! It has been a wild ride.
The internet touches every aspect of our work and leisure lives.

Just ten years ago, few anticipated it would be such a disruptor. Previous generations thought the internet and the web were passing fads. They didn’t anticipate that consumers would get their news from the web, socialize through online networks, and watch video entertainment through internet-based streaming media.

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Consumers are spending twice as much time online as they did a decade ago. This trend shows no signs of slowing down. People increasingly rely on their smartphones and connected devices to keep them in touch with the world. Savvy business people promote their products and services online — after all, that is where the customers are!


Today’s brands invest more of their resources into online marketing channels like websites, social media, and streaming video than they invest in traditional media. In fact, many traditional media outlets are closing or joining the online world.

Whether you are a student or an established marketing pro, now is the time to build your career in digital marketing. Don’t miss your opportunity to get in on the ground floor. As old-school marketing grows less stale, brands seek marketers who understand the digital world.

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Is Digital Passport For You?

If any of those statements describe you, then don’t miss your chance to
join the digital marketing revolution.

College Student or Graduate

You are a college student or recent graduate. Perhaps you love web design, social media, or viral videos. Use your fresh ideas and creativity as a digital marketer.

Natural Salesperson

You are a natural-born-salesperson who wants to use those skills in the modern world. Whether in person or online, your people-skills have a place in digital marketing.

Numbers Person or Analyst

You are a numbers person who is naturally analytical. Guess what! Modern marketing tactics rely on sophisticated analysis for actionable insights.

Experienced Marketing Professional

You are an experienced marketer who is bored with old-school marketing methods. Digital marketing offers new and dynamic opportunities.

Visual Thinker or Artist

You think visually. Perhaps you are a photographer or illustrator? Brands need artists who understand digital media.

Tech Enthusiast or Developer

You are a developer who is fascinated with artificial intelligence, automation, algorithms, or virtual reality. The future is now and you want to help shape it! Digital marketing relies on emerging technologies.

Why Read This Book?

6 Reasons Why you should Read this Book



Learn about the diverse opportunities within digital marketing. Learn why small and large companies are focusing on building their online brands.


Successful marketers rely on sophisticated strategies based on data and analytics. Learn about opportunities collecting and analyzing information to create effective strategies.


Since many consumers use their phones and mobile devices, mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing specializations.



Social media is a huge disrupter in the fields of sales, marketing, public relations, and customer service. Learn how to leverage social media for your digital marketing career.


Brands invest more than ever in content creation, so they also must invest in ensuring this content reaches consumers. They turn to search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) experts. Learn how to specialize in ensuring that Google and Bing feature the brand’s content.


Marketers rely on their pitching and proposal skills to win business for themselves or their clients. Learn important tips to help you get started on your path to success.

You will learn so much more! Digital Passport contains 13 information-packed chapters to serve as
your complete guide to starting a career in digital marketing.

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About the Author

Hafiz Muhammad Ali

Digital Marketing Career & Leadership Coach

Hafiz Muhammad Ali started his adventures in digital marketing in 2009. He experimented with many facets of the emerging field of digital marketing. He went on to found four successful companies. He shares his expertise through his book and contributions to leading online business publications like Allbusiness and Entrepreneur.

Hafiz created unique tools to help you find your niche within the digital marketing industry. One of these resources is the Industry’s first psychometric test to identify the right role for your personality — Digital Ladder™.

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